Jan 16: Examples from reading

Reading 1. Dunne & Raby. Chapters 1–2. Critical Design Examples

Walter Pichler, TV Helmet (Portable living room), 1967. (P8)

MetahavenFacestate, 2011. (P15)


Pierre Cardin, Space Age Collection, 1966. (P16)

Katherine Hamnett, Protest T-shirts, 1980s. (P16)

Hussein ChayalanAirplane dress, 2000. (P16)


Peter van der Jagt, Bottoms Up Doorbell, 1994. (P17)

Jurgen BeySlow Car, 2007. (P18)

Marti Guixé, (1) Food Facility, 2005. (2) Solar Kitchen Restaurant for Lapin Kulta, 2011. (P19). | Q&A with Designer Marti Guixé.

Galerie Kreo (P20-21): (1) Konstantin GrcicChampions, 2011. | See Grcic’s other work.

(2) Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Algue, 2004. | See the Bouroullec Brothers’ other work.

(3) Jasper Morrison


Marc NewsonFord 021C, 1999. (P22)

Buckminster Fuller, Dymaxion Car, 1930s. (P22)

Chris Bangle, BMW GINA, 2008. (P23)

Ora Ito, Evo Mobil, 2010. (P22-23)


Peter EisenmanHouse VI, 1975. (P24) | A progressive animation based on Eisenman’s original drawings of the House VI.

Product Design

Daniel WeilRadio in a Bag, 1982. (P25)

Maywa Denki, Otamatone, 2009. (P25)

Hulger, Plumen Light Bulb, 2010. (P26)

Ryota Kuwakubo, Bitman Video Bulb, 2005. (P27)

Design Probes & Industrial Design

Philips Design, Microbial Home, 2011. (P28)

Luigi Colani, (1) Passenger Aircraft, 1977. (2) Canon cameras. (P29)

Syd Mead

Marc Newson, Kelvin 40 Concept Jet, 2003. (P29-30)

Marcel Wanders, (1) Calvin Lamp, 2007. (2) Antelop, designed for Bisazza, 2004. (P29-31)

Reading 2. Antonelli. Critical Design Examples

Anthony Dunne.

Herzian Tales: Electronic Products, Aesthetic Experience, and Critical Design (1999).

Design Noir: The Secret Life of Electronic Objects (2001).

Gayla Rosenfeld, Headscarf, 2003.

Alessandro Mendini, Lassú, 1974.

Sputniko!, Menstruation Machine-Takashi’s take, 2010.

Kieren Jones, Personal Micro-Farm: The Chicken Project, Backyard Factory, 2010.

Natalie Jeremijenko, Feral Robotic Dogs, 2006.

Brigitte Coreman, Coffins for the Stillborn, 2012.

Michiko Nitta, Body Modification for Love, 2005.

Michael Burton, Hair Harbourer (from the Race series).

Ralph Borland, Suited for Subversion, 2002.

Toblas Wong, Ballistic Rose, 2008.


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