Websites and Blogs

Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today: UK based think tank ‘exploring the consequences of fantastic, perverse and underrated urbanisms.’
Near Future Laboratory: ‘a thinking, making, design, development and research practice speculating on the near future possibilities for digital worlds.’
Pasta and Vinegar Blog: ‘a blog by Nicolas Nova, a researcher and writer in the domains of foresight, user research and interaction design/HCI at the Near Future Laboratory.’
Superflux: ‘a collaborative design practice. We work at the intersection of emerging technologies and everyday life to design for a world in flux.’
Drivers of change:‘identifies and monitors the trends and issues likely to have a significant impact upon the built environment and society at large.’

Beyond the Beyond: Bruce Sterling in Wired

Foresight Culture: John B. Mahaffie’s blog

Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies @ the University of Hawaii, Manoa
Institute for the Future

‘Design and the Elastic Mind’ Exhibition@MOMA, 2008


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