Project 3 thoughts: DF Selfie

I have few ideas. They all have to do with embedding illustrations of speculated futures in real life. I am planning to create rich illustrations of speculative futures. These will be scenes, landscapes + not so complicated special effects. My aim is to let the user experience the existence of the future in the present. Extending the same thought, I am also planning to include the user in the speculated illustration of the future.

I am inclining towards creating the following:

Speculated Selfie from the future
This will an installation in a space. The background will be of consistent color ( so that it’s easy to remove it with less processing time). The user will be asked to take a selfie against this background using a custom app. The phone application will keep the face and body contour of the user intact and remove the background to replace it with a speculated future. The set of illustrations will be pre-created and used by the app. The app can have the functionality to pick the future scenario, if the user doesn’t make any choice, the app will pick one at random.

I want to play around with the idea of taking selfie because it’s part of pop culture, social habit and modern psych. People can take selfies for variety of reasons- insecurities, keeping memories, as a performance. I want design fiction to meet the ritual of taking selfie. I am curious how people would react when their present is augmented with a fictional future using ‘selfie taking’ as a medium.

I would be thrilled to collaborate with you if you know how to create surreal futuristic graphic with little special effects.

Challenge in creating a successful project would be to capture the real emotion of the future and add audiovisual elements to make the selfie richer.

Selfiecity :