Adria Spivack

Reading Reflection 1/14:

I can’t quite tell if I very strongly agree or disagree with the articles I’ve read. At most, I can say that I understand/agree a bit with some of it and there are other parts that seem to be a no brainer of an issue. For instance, I understand and agree with the different kinds of “critical practices of design” and why they each fit under that umbrella. To me, they all seem like they should be exhibits or public displays, which would also really help make critical practices more public. I believe that the work should be able to stand on its own in public to really engage others to think critically about design, current practices, and future practices. In this case, I don’t think these forms of critical practices need the extensive papers analyzing the piece. The piece should be able to create that type of conversation on its own. These long articles analyzing the piece seem to be only for the design community, contributing to the issue that critical design is “self-reflective and introverted”. If  critical design practices were to become more public displays, there is the potential for people to develop the ability to think critically about design and the world on their own. Through this, literature and science fiction may be able to evolve to think and develop the design in their stories more.


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