Artificial intelligence designed business cards are better than yours. Get one designed to show others who you really are.

AutoCard automatically designs personalized business cards based on the things someone likes on Facebook. Facebook likes have been used to compute personality and philosophical traits of the user (e.g. big five)[1,2], which can then be applied to a parameterized model of the business card to provide users with an ideally designed result. Parameter weighting  coefficients were learned by iteratively presenting users with weighted randomized cards and allowing them to select their preferred design. Psychological traits are assumed to transcend preferences for cards, between users.

This project aims to highlight challenges with automating design that stem from issues in design and machine learning. While it’s important to make creative decisions well, we often use poor mechanisms to do so in design. Computational approaches have been applied to this buts its very hard to do so with an appropriate level of depth, so computational decision making often ends up being very naive.

The project is currently not available for public use but I’m working toward making it easily accessible.


  1. Farnadi, Golnoosh, et al. “How are you doing? Emotions and personality in Facebook.” Proceedings of the EMPIRE Workshop of the 22nd International Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (UMAP 2014). 2014.
  2. Youyou, Wu, Michal Kosinski, and David Stillwell. “Computer-based personality judgments are more accurate than those made by humans.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2015): 201418680.

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