The Anti-Intellectualism Association

Core Concept:
The Anti-Intellectualism Association is a satire organization which promotes anti-intellectualism in the US, believing normal, everyday good people should be running our country.  The AIA believes carelessly questioning our society damages America’s exceptionalism.

The goal of this project is to present a fictionalized organization or superpac that is both tongue in cheek and critical of the anti-intellectual movement that has been present in the US since it’s inception.  To goal is to initiate discussion and reflection on cognitive biases, to better represent that each of us are sometime hesitant to believe the educated “expert” in a field when they do not align with our existing belief structure.

Related Works:
Anti-Intellectualism in American Life by Richard Hofstadter
Making a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow

Design Process
The process included quite a bit of research, to see how existing superpacs, political organizations, and associations represent themselves.  By exploring organizations like the Freedom Partners Action Fund and the Center for Existential Risk, I attempted to better understand how the narrative is crafted.  Ultimately, I learned there seems to be little structure to these narratives, with a simple straightforward vocabulary being the most consistent form.

I decided early on to create a website as the home for the organization to allow for easy distribution, increase visibility, and in an effort to add a bit of credence to the organization.  From there, I fashioned the site after other superpac sites which include simple layouts and straightforward goals (usually funneling traffic to a donate button) .  I decided on four key nav points:

About – Where the mission statement and founding of the association is discussed
Key Issues – Where the key issues the association feels most strongly about is discussed
Join – Where potential visitors who want to reach out to learn more can do so
News – A repository for real news stories which fit in the AIA realm.

For the exhibition, I’m intending on including some sort of collateral as a giveaway – potential options include postcards or stickers.

Final Deliverable

Link to the AIA Website



While writing the content for the site, I started to question a bit where I actually stand on issues. I found myself starting to write items which at first look seemed to fit the satire of the site that was clearly poor opinions, until I started to look a bit closer at the topic at hand. Initially, I thought I would be writing satirized content from the standpoint of issues I clearly did not share, but as I continued I found myself guilty of several of the cognitive biases the site addresses.


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