Process and Reflection

Design Process

We began with researching the history of prison systems, and how they supported mental illnesses, and utilized prisoners’ time in cheap labor. Using this background, we developed our concept to include such concepts, incorporating our statistics regarding the incredibly high percentages of mentally ill in prisons due to eradication of insane asylums, and scarcity of physiatric care facilities.

This led to our concept development, of harnessing the creativity of various perspectives found in different mental statuses.

We continued iterating through how the information would lay out in the context of the catalog and the roster, deciding on following the same format as the actual DSM editions that currently exist. Using their text as a starting point, we began adding in our own content, with descriptions and formulas for various forms of creative output.


Our experience in creating this project was both enlightening, and informative. I had previously known very little about the varying mental disabilities, and how they were categorized in this particular system. I had also known very little about the actual statistics of mental illnesses in prisons, and the means by which they have been addressed. The project opened a large set of questions revolving around morality, and methods of aid ranging from extremely viable, to completely abstract and borderline cruel. It was an excellent experience in both learning and exploring.


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