Creating a Critical Framework for evaluating Speculative Critical Design & Design Fictions

I started by looking at Video Visions of the future series by Microsoft corporation and wanted to create a critical version of the video so as to criticize the politics of anticipation and ambiguty and insensitivity towards various issues in these constructed visions of the future.

In the evolutionary process of creating a critical framework I have decided to work on creating a ‘Citical Kit’ with the intention of the making criticism accessbile to the masses. This Kit would enable viewer to submit his/her critical feedback in a tangible form and would give a material form to criticism.

The idea is based on ‘The Crit-Kit toolkit which was introduced in the Oxford Futures forum which was aimed to use annotation to evaluate scenarios critically. This could be also used to make design provocation and help to think on other scenarios. IT would be productive in analyzing existing designs.

The ideological stance behind such toolkit is that we influence our tools and then the tools influence us. It helps people identify missing parts and helps a person think.

Link to my research/thought process :




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