Refined Concept

Our critique is on the abuse of prisoner labor in our present day system, but reflected in a system for the mentally disabled. With the concept of companies using the unfortunate circumstances to their benefit by purchasing cheap rights to the creative nature of the mentally disabled. By doing so viewers are able to see the flaws without be clouded by the fact that they are criminals. A museum based display of capitalization on the mentally disordered and then carrying it down into the present day problems with cheap prisoner labor, can show the potential direction of companies getting involved in corrective facilities.

The items in the museum will be a progressive dialogue of the history of how the system began and its methods, as explained from 10 years after its establishment. The timeline of the museum begins in 2040 when the system was fully developed and quickly eradicated, and continues to explain the history from our current day, 2015, through to the cause of its collapse, comparing similarities to the cheap labor forces of our current day prisons.

We are going to provide digital documentation of objects mixed with some physical objects for the museum. Each item will be accompanied with a description and time stamp. These objects will include;

-Introduction of the collapse of the future system

-Past labor objects, such as license plate


-DMS codes


-Creativity tool

-Creativity extraction tool

-Closing of the System


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