Tools for Strategic Self-Deception

The toolkit provides individuals with tools to feel better about themselves through self deception. There are a number of possible components; right now I am thinking about three in particular:

  • a rationalization machine: lets you rationalize any decision, past or future!
    • possible sub-fuction: justify your procrastination!
    • sub-fucntion: convince yourself those things you said years ago weren’t so dumb: enter that wittier retort and watch your (virtual) opposition crumble!
  • photo-happier: think auto-awesome but makes people in photos with you or where you were appear to smile
  • placebo carrot-and-stick calendar: post-it note with fun events that remains always one week from the present day

It depends on if these should live off the world of the phone or not: it would be possible to build out the mobile apps or a few experimental prototype objects.

Here’s a sketch:



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