Step back to real sensations, a documentary

The discussion I would like to trigger is, indeed, about the way we perceive the virtual world, but the focus moved a bit from the concept of digital identity to the realm of sensations. What if living in the virtual world is the only way we now have to do experience? What if only digital experiences could trigger our body? In the same way that now digital experiences can trigger us from an emotional perspective (I can feel happy if I talk to my mum over a Skype call), in the world I envision that gets even further, with an actual physical response to digital stimuli. That happens because the functioning of the brain has eventually been fully understood, so we can digitally trigger our nerves, creating a specific sensation. I don’t know where we leave, but most likely is some sort of a box filled with liquid which keep us alive and asleep, completely immersed in our digital world which offers us all we need (I will try to avoid to explain this aspect in the final deliverable)

So, what would the final deliverable be?

I am thinking about and already getting help in movie making. I have in mind a short video-clip, maybe even a movie trailer, which just shows the story of a fictional Brian and his way of experiencing in 2050. Instead of showing how it would be to live in the digital world, I will focus on how it would be for him to be back on the real world. Brian gets sent back from the digital world scientists to his real body for shooting a documentary and he does perform a series of actions which clearly show his incapability in using his sensorial apparatus. He can not open his eyes, he struggles to stand up and walk, he can not taste an apple he bites, he can not feel pain when he pokes his hand. He can not do that, until when a digital sensation is generated from the researchers, who are constantly monitoring what he is doing, avoiding the fact that he could actually cause harm to himself due to his dull real senses.

I am imagining a whitish and rather quiet scenery, with mainly first perspective shots.

As props for the exhibition, I would need a screen and headphones.


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