Poaching Creativity

Jails became a primary home for mentally ill/insane.

Over 50% of prison inmates have a mental health problem, yet they only make up 11% of the general population. However only 1 in 6 Jail inmates receive any mental treatment. Hospitals do have psychiatric wards, but they are overcrowded and rarely readmit patients due to the lack of funding and extreme costs to the hospital.

We are creating 3 part project of objects used to exploit creativity from the mentally insane found in facilities such as prisons, jails, psychiatric wards, and other institutions. To do so, we are developing a “catalogue” of the various types of mentally ill, which companies can receive and review. From there, they have access to a roster of inmates at these various institutions, to choose what forms of creativity they desire. These institutions, and inmates in turn are provided psychiatric aid which is lacking in prisons as of now, but will be funded by these companies purchases, as a dual use of also funding discovery of the database they seek. We are focusing on the ethics involved in exploitation of “cheap creativity,” similar to that of current cheap labor in prisons, and the incentives behind companies and organizations supporting a cause of “funding psychiatric aid in institutions,” that are actually have entirely different underlying incentives.

 Our artifacts will include:

Museum of 2nd Attempt

Deliverables in museum format showing evolved system

 DSM-IV Codes: Catalog classifying creative capabilities

-Catalogue of various mental illnesses, as listed by the DSM/IV  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DSM-IV_codes

 FullSizeRender (2)

 Register: Statistical review of disorders in different areas

-Roster/categorization of various mental illnesses “available at each institution”

FullSizeRender (3)

Creativity tools: Different items that would promote creativity

Extraction Tools: Looking into an abstract tool that would make the creativity tangable

 -A form which will extract this creativity level. This could also hold in the form of drugs, or closer toward the concept of torture devices found in past insane asylums.

FullSizeRender (1)


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