Critical Future of Corporate Visions

My project is based on my ongoing research on finding an intersection of the criticality of critical design and complexity and utility of the notion of ‘Jugaad’.


‘Jugaad’ a hindi word, in short, means inventiveness within a lack of resouces. Though it is loosely used for many different things and has even become an euphemism for quick fix. It represents the innovation done frugally and for survival. In colonial sense, it is not considered a mainstream innovation until recently.

Critical Design used specuating objects to create visions for futures that we want to think about and possibly avoid. It is very high art based realm of design where idea is central and the artifact is used as a medium. This hegemony of Critical Design practice needs to be changed and alternative visions need to exist beyond the existing paradigms within which Critical Design operates.

If this is about future then it should be about everyone’s future (read people outside United states and Western Europe) I am in search of finding alternative ways of creating future visions for rest of the world where we consider what does a future of a farmer in Pakistan looks like. I do not intend to create social design innovation to change there lives but simply include the neglected public on conversations about the future


For this project I have chosen to crtically evaluate an existing first world corporate vision of the future video posted by microsoft and also studied other similar moving images for future visions. I aim to critically examine their role and the audience they wish to persuade and represent and create Speculative Critical Design artifact to manifest the crticality by using Design as a medium. I compared that video with what my vision for that video could be . I also brainstormed within a team about the possible outcomes.

The options I am considering are creating a Bechdel test version for such videos and a Toolkit that enables people to create a manifestation of their critical view on that video.

The test would enable people to start a discussion about such visions and the kinds of futures these corporations are pushing us towards.



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