A critical future for design

Personally I believe that automated design is an important part of our future, but one that is not truly available to us for the time being because two claims I believe to be true: design is not good enough, ML and AI are not good enough. In particular, I feel there is a rift in the design academic and industry communities around the rigor and formality of design, and a similar challenge between in the AI and ML communities in which methodology often trumps meaning.

In this project I hope to respond to these issues by building an artificial (fake) automated design system that embodies many of the critical problems in both relevant fields. I will show the implementation but also make artifacts available for participants to view and provide an interactive context to show how this automated system may replace them, badly, someday soon.

The exhibit I hope to produce will include a laptop or iPad running my system as well as a number of 3D printed failed design examples for a commonly designed object, a chair.


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