Poaching Creativity

We conducted research on various methods and advice on fostering creativity, which we could then use to create methods to siphon this creativity from the patients.

“Keep making a ruckus”


There is a certain thrill that happens when you do something new for the first time, and the biggest way to keep excitement and creativity is not to fall into comfort. Utilizing the thrill that comes with the unknown is a great way of sparking new thoughts and innovation.

recapture child-like delight in taking a risk

“We spend 70 percent of our time on core search and ads. We spend 20 percent on adjacent businesses: Google News, Google Earth, and Google Local. And then 10 percent of our time should be on things that are truly new.

-Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

There are also multiple sites listing methods of creativity aid, many of which we could maneuver into “methods of extraction” used in the insane asylums.


“Keep making a ruckus”http://mac-3d-animation-software-review.toptenreviews.com/10-ways-to-stimulate-creativity.html

the ins There are also enhancement drugs people can use (along side the more illegal creative drugs…) to promote creativity and outside thinking, as well as lucid dreaming.



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