Insert Awesome Secret Society Name Here

I want to convince people that this is really a thing. It should be a bit more extreme on our daily life. Maybe involve religion or economy. Something I should decide on is how this society is different from all others. I have real troubles with thinking how far I can take this, my original thought was about a secret group that proofed and used the existence of a god. Maybe, that is too farfetched, but there are probably some internet lunatics out there whom I can convince. I have decided to try.

I will create a fake secret society that proofed the existence of god and uses its existence and knowledge to their own advantage.


I want my project to look like a semi-believable (history channel like) conspiracy group. The evidence produced will (of course) be fake and appear that to most people, yet I hope to convince a few naïve conspiracy fanatics to start believing in this secret group of people. People will encounter my work because I will be posting links over several conspiracy forums to Wikipedia and the website I will air. Everything of my work will be found online. There will be no physical artifacts. It is more about the thought, the little seed being planted in someone’s head that is the final goal.


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