Workshop 2 – Planning

Since our first workshop, Judy and I have begun to plan our second workshop. We are hoping to have this workshop late next week. Something that we have been trying to do with the three workshops we are doing for our project is to develop a game through participation. There is a method used in theater to develop shows that Judy has used in the past called a composition box. You can go here for more information. In this process, you would ideally have the same set of participants throughout the process. The general idea is to have the participants be involved in the making of the end product that they would eventually perform and be able to have part of themselves then be in this. In our case, our end project will be a playable game. Because of constraints, we will most likely not have the same participants at each of our workshops. However, it will be interesting to apply this process that has been used in theater to games.

Building off of our first workshop, we have started to identify elements for the game that we would like in it around empowerment and education. In the second workshop, we would like the participants to be able to come in and develop a game in the session. We would like to to be very open with some guidance that it should be around empowerment and education. In addition, there will be other constraints around elements we think would be interesting in the game based off of the first workshop. It will be up to the participants of the second workshop to decide how to incorporate these different elements into the game. Some different things that we have begun t think about is if we would like there to be specific mechanics that we see in the game. We want a way to incorporate the power words that have been identified – and expand on these – into the games without limiting the scope of games that can be made by the participants.

Based off of this second workshop, we would like to take elements of the different games that are developed and make one unified game for play testing in a final workshop. Right now Judy and I are thinking that the game will be around developing an artifact; however, we do not want to limit the game type at this point.


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