Collaboratively Creating a Speculative Game about Learning

Some questions that we are exploring:
Is the student a pawn in the game of learning?
When do stakeholders have the student’s interest in mind?
When do other forces/motivations cause them to make decisions that do not support student learning?
When do learners feel empowered?
What is the ideal learning experience? The ideal student? The ideal setting? The ideal tools? The ideal support structure?
How does our vision of the future interact with these ideals?
What do our ideals reveal about the limits of our own experience and our biases?
How do we get people to think concretely and provocative?
How can we engage a group in the larger conversation about learning through game design (prototyping, playtesting, critiquing)?
How can we create a game that itself includes elements of game design, and thus embodies the conversation?

We are planning three workshops:
1. Data and Artifact Generation: Conversation and Collaborative Art-Making about the learning experiences of the past, present and future.
2. Rapid Game Prototyping: Employing concepts from theatre, creating compositions of game mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics.
3. Playtesting the Game: playtesting the resulting game and debriefing the game and the experience.


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