Final Assignment

I have decided to explore my doctoral research topic through this project and it would be a good opportunity to start working on exploring my thesis.

I am interested in future visions for frugal conditions. How could the visions for disruptve future be created? What are the alternatives where we can imagine ‘our collective future’ and not a sleek and shiny coroporate vision for the future.

Creativity happens at every level. People design and innovate in every possible living condition in the world. Design and Innovation have been colonized to the tunes of western domination. I want to imagine the decolonization of critical design and imagine a future vision for people in places like China, India, Phillipines…etc.

My inquiry is – What are the maker cultures that will affect our futures and what futures are possible by using existing innovation frameworks in resource lacking conditions ?

What it looks like when third world countries try to do speculative critical design ?

Do they follow the aestheticized highly crafted approach of creating speculating artifacts or do they create their own design language? what would it look like ? how can we potray that wthout being discriminating and how do we avoid further marginalizing them?


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