Lo-Fi & Locative

(I don’t really have anything to say about the next project except that I want to create an embodied game/workshop where speculative design is an action in the game: creating while playing, playing while creating.)


Over the weekend my partners set up one of our “Publish!” installations at the Great Park in Irvine. We were invited by Manifest Destiny: Engaging a Changing Landscape, a group from UC Irvine. We set up typewriters for the public to type up their response to “Where will you be?” then they pinned their writing to a location in the Orange County map book.

1960069_10204895786207423_7890339017891887708_n 11076824_10204896896275174_5807870073286534704_o 10845829_10204896894235123_5664438553647565427_o 11017070_10204896892475079_7929287217644745749_o


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