Alt Family Expanded: More More Weirder

My idea for an alternative family scenario building game got a lot of great feedback.

Do you want to use different colors for mother and father node? It could help in determine whether in a three parent situation there are two mothers and a father or two fathers and a mother.

Why didn’t you turn the entire concept of family on its head? Remove the titles of mother, father, brother, and sister, and start to explore what a family looks like when a sisbro and a momdad live with their googoos on alternate weekends.

I love the idea of more complex and unrealistic graphs. Relationships that would never work in real life but that can be experimented with. Also I think it would be interesting to consider dynamic roles.

I also did not get to build it out as far as I would have liked. For my final project I want to take into consideration the feedback and then also set up an alternative Families workshop where we spend an hour playing this game and talking about why it’s important to consider what families could look like in the future.


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