Speculative Design at SXSW

I attended South by Southwest in Austin last week, where I attended a lecture I felt was relevant to the content of the course which I would like to share.  Paolo Antonelli, the Senior Curator of Architecture and Design at MoMA in NYC, gave a talk entitled “Curious Brides: How Designers Grow the Future”.  Throughout the talk, she spoke about design and how it could be influenced by science and nature by presenting various speculative design projects, many of which we’ve spoken about within class.


One of the most interesting was a projects she spoke of was one by Neri Oxman involving silk worms, which were strategically placed to “3D print” a structure with their webs.  As a project I wasn’t aware of previously, it brought up some interesting points in regards to 3D printing.  In a manner, the project replicated the aspects of this new, groundbreaking technology by utilizing long existing, previously available methods (namely silkworms).

1683104-inline-inline-1-will-silk-worms-build-our-future-cities mediated-matter-image-steven-keating1

Read more in the Fast Co Article: Will Silkworms Help Build Our Future Cities?


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