The problem with the singularity is something else

To me, discussions  about the singularity are rather petty, not because its right or wrong, but because it does not matter, and neither the proponents nor the opponents of the concept seem to have useful things to say about that. Elon Musk seems to be actually doing something about it, and, given his track record, I think that’s what’s going to matter.

This is a slightly interesting topic for us to consider because it is somewhat worthless to focus on design fictions that argue about the singularity in the same way it is not that useful for computer scientists to discuss it, instead, our fictions need to consider how we are going to deal with the issues of the impacts of what is happening and what will happen anyway (which we need not call the singularity, but will probably involve computers causing us problems).

In other words, I don’t care if the singularity is completely true, some of it almost certainly is, and we should think about what that may actually mean (though fiction), as opposed to what projections within that field indicate it will mean based on hand wavy science.


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