Project Two – Uphoff

Project Two


With the increased use of social media, people start to rely heavily on different dating applications to meet people. Three years from now, Love Connection was created. It first started by collecting all of the information you have on your laptop; emails, social media, etc. It mapped people out based on the frequency of topics, how someone talked, and a large amount of other factors. People initially did not respond to this product with ease, however they were able to meet people that they did connect with. Then after the company really started doing well and people started getting used to the idea, the company decided to change it. To further strengthen the product, Love Connection added a biological layer to their matchmaking strategies, after scientists discovered a correlation between people’s DNA and relationships.

With all of this information being stored and the implications of the data, Love Connection started to have more control. With the amazingly accurate matches, Love Connection became very popular, about 2/3rds of the American population used it. The original goals of the company got skewed, and Love Connection started matching people with underlying goals in mind…

The people who did not use it, were concerned with the large amount of information that they would have to provide. People did not realize that their results could be manipulated, because they did not realize that there were over 100 people that they could match with, because Love Connection presented it as a “one true love” scenario. For example companies could pay for people with interest in what they sell be matched with a wealthy counterpart. These manipulations started small, however the government started to take control and was able to use the DNA to change the future generation being born.

Once this information leaked a large riot began. Many people were conflicted, because they where being matched to compatible people and it worked great, but at what expense.

How much control would you give up in order to find “your one true love?”



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