Evoking Feelings

When looking through Joshua Reiman’s website, what I found was interesting was reading through the statement. I did this before looking at the gallery and I believe that it helped me to view the different works that he has created in a different light. What I found interesting in the statement was the mention that he wants his work to “also kindle an emotional response.” I found this interesting because it made me begin to think, what do you need to do to kindle an emotional response? As I looked through the gallery, I began to think about each piece and what it meant as a reflection on culture, but also what the piece meant to me. I found that often the pieces that had a description and described where they were coming from had a much bigger impact on me. This made me think, does a viewer need to have the story behind the piece and to understand the intentions to have an emotional response? What does it mean to have an emotional response to a piece?


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