Fun & Games

I really liked the concept of the Emerge exhibition but also wonder what it truly meant for the people that participated in the exhibition. Designing the future is a terrifying thing that weighs heavy with the responsibility of “potential”. But what is interesting is people aren’t afraid of worrying about the little things that change even though it might make a huge difference in the way we behave and interact with the environment we create and that naturally surrounds us. When provided with the task of designing something for the future in a exhibition environment I can only assume people had a great time making coffee cups that would never spill or socks that only accounted for 4 toes. But after that burst of fun creativity is over and people head home back to their current lives, what does that potential future of the mundane become? Are we still inclined to design a bunch of crap, just future crap, to fill our future houses and our future trash eating robots? I think it’s a great way to get involved and start thinking about design the future, but also wonder if it design fictions seem like a game more than an important component and understanding the future of design.


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