Emerge: The Future of Choices and Values


First of all I am not sure whether I understand the event correctly. The articles speak of three day workshop and the website of an afternoon of exhibitions. Though the closely seem related it looks like the event changed dramatically over time it this case.

Emerge: The Future of Choices and Values. Combining artists with engineers to create our future. That is one of the Emerge promotional lines for the Emerge conference 2015 (6th of March).  An interesting fact is that the participants of the workshop consisted out of many different professions. Not only the artists and engineers they speak of, not only out of people already having their degree. This large diversity is extremely valuable and to my opinion very limited in current events.

The question often asked, during our class, is how we should convey our ideas to a larger audience. Maybe a more appropriate question to ask is, how to get a larger audience involved in the process. With as many minds come as many propositions. More opinions and more thoughts. It is not for designers to create our future world. It is for designers to guide the audience in creating the future.


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