Sharing that Economy

With the ever developing methods to creating systems and networks, it has provided greater simplicity to divide each source to whom a cost is being credited to individualized transactions.

As lawsuits began to rise due to the ever growing shared economy, it became time to say enough with defining ownership. The savior solution came in form of separate compensation for given products and services.

By dividing each transaction by the separate players involved and paying each accordingly, it no longer became a legality issue as to who could incorporate what products and networks into their given services.

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Advertisements, indeed appear as frequently as ever, however with the wifi network and internet browser charging by the minute, advertisers understand the significance of your time. They pay you for your time, and then some, when you listen to, or interact with ads. Some have made small fortunes in completing the online surveys, videos, and questionaires that can provide up to double your internet time costs, or offer to pay for your entire session.


Consumers are now more aware and in control of what they are supporting. Companies are forced to be entirely transparent, which has shed light on many areas in need of improvement. When consumers were shown true numbers of profit to corporations such as Walmart compared to their manufacturing plants in third world countries, boycotting and protesting arose. Without means to mask their profit margins, well structured companies flourish, and the corrupt loose footing.

Even online purchasing has become transparent. When purchasing an item, its origins will breakdown in the cost by website host, manufacturing, and other contributors. You choose your credit card provider, postage carrier, etc. which can all be saved as preferences. Awareness is the first step toward making impactful decisions on who your money supports.


Companies such as Adobe have been doing phenomenally. Now that they no longer sell their product, but rather the time the product is used, more people are given access to tools they could not afford to purchase previously. By using a cloud based system of program accessibility, everyone can access use for as minimal or heavy usage as needed, with a reflecting cost.


The separation of transactions has allowed users to feel confident and empowered in their decision making. Not only are they able to see where their money goes, but can make conscious decisions on who, and what they support. This has eradicated skimming of employer pay in companies such as Lyft, who previously took a percentage premium off of each driver’s pay. It also has opened doors to allowing all people a more equal dispersement of resources. With a pay-as-you-use setup, anyone can utilize resources to create a more fair playing field in the years to come.


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