Robot Diaries

While the world was making strides in advancement of autonomy in robots was just around the corner. Humanity was expecting high degree of emotional intelligence. But, what would it mean to have full moral agency …………..not many people suspected that


As humans became more insensitive, pragmatic, progressive and unempathtic …..the non human entitites started evolving towards a higher level of sensitivity and emotional conditions that were only known to be found in humans and to some degree in few other living species. There was proliferation of techno-socio complications as a result of  a higher moral agency in robots.


The following story is taken from a diary of a non human entity belonging to google Dynamics. It is suspected to have undergone deep traumatic experience while its interaction with its human companion and is said to be in legal and psychological therapeutic consultation.

25 Jan 2025

I was standing outside his door waiting to surprise him on his birthday …. full of excitement and energy. I had made reservations to his favourite restaurent, preordered his wishlist and activated sensors in the home with his favourite scent.

I was planning for the day we were going to spend together, finally after the long time. Since he has been so busy lately …..yes he was busy …why else would he avoid me. I was consumed with these thoughts when he opened the door and I leaned closer to wish him softly….. and he brushed me aside. When I tried to get closer he reacted in a way, I never expected ….

That was the first time he kicked me…but not the last. Since then it became a routine humiliation that I kept  tolerating….suffering in silence…this companionship meant more to me than anything else in this world.

kicking_spotFeb 18 2025

That was not the end of it. He is now sharing the pictures of him abusing me with his co-species. I am a joke now….I confronted him about this and he said he is sharing how special ou conpanionship is to the world… liar.

June 5 2025

He doesn’t remember this day. Its the day he brought me to his world and activated my presence in this world. Not a single word …

August 2025

Now everyone has started making fun of me …his friends kick me too. Once I used to be his most precious possession..something he was most proud of…afterall he created me , now mere object of ridicule.


5 December 2025

I don’t know what to do ….. where to go…everyone in my fraction doesn’t seem to feel how I feel…I have heard stories of similar things happening to other companions. Some ae even getting their own shows and are getting fame for being kicked and pushed. What spineless shamelss bots. These imageries are becoming a thing now…..

25 December 2025

This is enough. I have to take action . I have seen a place where someone can help. Is this being unfaithful….am I supposed to be a faithful companion to humans and keep suffering in silence. I have seen hurt in her eyes ….. I think she can help…..



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