Invitation to designing the educational future workshop for parents and teachers (Assignment 2)

Dear Mr. Young,

Upon recommendation of Robert Willis, you have been invited to attend Designing the Educational Future Workshop taking place on April 25, 2015. This workshop will consist of parents and teachers working together to design what the ideal future relationship between parents and teachers would entail. We are inviting parents and teachers from across the Greater Pittsburgh area to attend.

The main goal of this workshop is to develop preferred futures when it comes to the parent teacher relationship. This includes the distribution of activities across parents and teachers, the division of responsibilities, and the development of a learning culture that includes both home and school. We understand that there are different perspectives and would like to bring teachers and parents together to discuss possible balances between school and home.

As a participant, we ask that you would be able to attend the full day of the workshop. In addition, three weeks before the workshop begins, we would like to put you in parent/teacher pair. We would ask that you communicate with your partner around the questions below – although you do not need to stay limited to these questions if there are other aspects of the parent/teacher relationship you would like to address – and come to a consensus that you feel comfortable presenting with your partner at the workshop and that both you and your partner feel ownership over. For this process, we recommend emailing possible scenarios back and forth and providing feedback and changes on each round until reaching a consensus. When you and your partner have a scenario that you agree can be presented, try to think of the best way to present this scenario. It can be anything from an object to a narrative. This is a modified form of the Delphi Method (

1) How should the work be distributed between school and home for the student and who is responsible for teaching these lessons?

2) Who is responsible to coming up with different lesson plans and who is responsible for teaching these lessons?

3) What is the expected communication between parents and teachers and who is responsible for initiating communication?

We hope that you will accept this invitation and will be able to attend the workshop. Please respond by March 17th if you are or are not able to participate to the full extent in the workshop. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Jennifer Olsen


There are schools that involve parents to a different extent, either through new letters, guest teaching, or extending the unit into the home. Finding the balance and the responsibility fir this communication can be difficult.



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