Assignment 2: The Game of Crime


In 2052 smart phones are a thing of the past. They have been replaced by discreet wearables that answer to voice commands and respond audibly or by projecting visuals. These wearables, along with one’s fingerprint or implants, also serve as the only form of money. Because of this, there is very little of value on a person that could be easily taken. People pay even less attention to their belongings and are more likely to be oblivious to someone slipping them something. Therefore crime has transformed from taking something out of a pocket to slipping something in, or “bugging”. Bugs can be slipped into bags or pockets to grab the data used whenever you make a purchase and transmit it back to their owner. Bugs are easy to make if you know how to reuse and reprogram technology from other devices. Therefore petty criminals are no longer considered to be uneducated. Instead they’re a combination of smart, creative, and unable to fit into normal society. They’re lazy in the sense that they want to make money fast and the lack any sort of respect or work ethic that could get them a job that matches their intelligence.  However the criminal life appeals to the 30 somethings for reasons other than money. Because bugging requires advanced skills, underground organizations were formed to compete and advance the craft: Dodimon, Bige, Codicon, and Data. Membership to an organization is mandatory to receive a ranking and to use the best technology. These organizations create a way of life and violating it or giving away secrets results in imprisonment.

Some Members:

Name: Eric Balsi

Age: 26

Crime Affiliation: Codicon

Years Active: 8

Ranking: 272

Required: Red Wear, 5 Updates per year

Name: Lena Morina

Age: 16

Crime Affiliation: Bige

Years Active: 1

Ranking: 928

Required: Name Change, Tattoo, 12 Buggings per Month

Name: Tag Ozero

Age: 37

Crime Affiliation: Data

Years Active: 20

Ranking: 5

Required: Targeted Hits, 2 years of espionage

Name: Oliv Fy

Age: 20

Crime Affiliation: Dodimon

Years Active: 3

Ranking: 548

Required: No Outside Contact, No Dairy

Bug Profiles:

bige codicon data dodimon


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