Assignment 2 – Predator Drones: Now available at Walmart

A good majority of the technology that is part of our society was originally derived for military use and only later rolled out for civilian use once it became declassified.  Examples include GPS, Duct Tape, Microwaves, and more.  What happens when less benign military technologies are co-opted for consumer use, and are rushed to the market before a dead-locked congress can pass legislation creating rules for it’s use?

In this future, miniaturized predator drones are now available at local big-box stores such as Walmart and Target.  Consumers are able to purchase them in the same manner they are able to purchase an AR-15 or Beretta, since the same rules that govern firearms are followed for the purchase of drones with those same firearms attached to them.  Second amendment proponents argue that the sales of predator drones equipped with a .22 caliber pistol should not be handled differently then sales of any other .22 caliber pistol.  Gun rights activists argue that the drones are no different that other currently legal weapons which can be attached to a remote trigger.  Gun control activists argue that the drones should be classified as assault weapons, no different than other banned weapons like an Uzi or TEC-9.  They argue for different rules due to the lack of transparency required when the drone is flown high above, not openly displaying their location.

The FAA also treads lightly, unsure as to whether these new consumer toys / weapons / tools fall under their jurisdiction.  Along with congress, they are also deadlocked along party lines, not making a decision one way or the other due to inaction.

drone hunt ADT


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