Assignment 2 – open source everything – Rachel

When looking toward the future of technology, it is often easy to project a distopian image. Especially when considering the future of security and transparency in the context of recent events. In response to Julian and Danja’s talk and workshop in command line hacking, I decided to take an optimistic view. I explored what technology might look like if consumers began demanding open source products and DIY/maker culture became the norm. What would black-boxing companies like Apple look like if they embraced this trend? What kind of products would they sell, how would they market them and to whom? I created a fictional microprocessor box for such a future. Along with a screen ad. In this particular projection, Apple has partnered with Arduino to better serve the open source maker community with quality parts. This is the iDuino 3o. The 3rd generation open soucred Apple-Arduino microprocessor.


IMG_1557IMG_1562 IMG_1560 IMG_1561




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