Alternative Family Structures Scenario Builder

IMG_3619FamilyGame-02 FamilyGame-01

Throughout history between and within millions of species there have been many more millions of ways that families have formed. From the mother eating the father after sex to the mother and father being close lovers even long after they have stopped producing children.

There are many ways to raise a child and many ways to love. Most people in America today limit themselves to the mother/father family structure even as extended family ties dissolve. Many alternative family structure, no matter how harmless or great, are stigmatized for no clear reason.
This is a creativity tool to help people visualize and understand the possibilities for alternative family structures.

How to Play:
You are a child node to be filled with a family structure that has contributed to who you are today.

Draw a card from the family structures deck and a card from the scenarios deck.

Spend sometime building out your scenario then present it to the larger group.

Here is an example story for the two cards featured at the top of this post:

Mother was always an expert at managing her two families. Once she took both families on a trip to barcelona. Her other partner, whom she had two kids with—my “mystery” siblings, is a nice person but really not at all a parental figure to me. Though we normally live in separate houses, we shared a four bedroom apartment in Old Barcelona. My mother alternated nights between my dads room and her other partner but we all went out together during the day. There was one night where my mother did not return for a night but neither my dad nor my “mystery” parent seemed at all worried. They took us all out to dinner. After dinner I played on the beach with my “mystery” siblings. I’m the youngest and my older siblings tended to do their own things. I’m pretty much best friends with my “mystery” siblings.

Crappy references:


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