Assignment Two Practice

I have been thinking about a quote from the article about “Her” that we read before we saw the movie. It was along the lines of that we tend to design a future that is more complicated than what the future actually ends up being. And I think what I was originally planning on doing for this project was a more complicated future than what was actually realistic. So I think I still want to focus on crime, but the world is going to be different than how I originally thought.

Year: 2052

Technology: Smart phones are a thing of the past and are replaced by discreet wearables that answer to voice commands– to respond it can project visuals or audibly respond (into earpiece).

Money: Use wearable, finger print, or implant to pay/swipe. Therefore its very difficult to pickpocket/steal discreetly. There also isn’t anything that valuable on anyone’s person. Because of this, no one pays attention to their belongings or are oblivious if someone slips them a bug.

Crime: Copying finger print, slipping discreet bugs in pockets that will send paying data to bug’s owner

Who would do it? Easier for younger generations– teens to 30s. Tech is obviously illegal but easy to make if you are smart enough to know how to code/build it. Therefore basic criminals are no longer considered to be uneducated. Instead they are a combination of smart, creative, and unable to fit into normal society. They are lazy in the sense that they want to make money fast and the lack any sort of respect or work ethic that could get them a job that matches their intelligence.

My plan: Write blog post and bio of 2052’s pickpocket and design a “bug”


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