Assignment 2

What if, instead living our life and posting about on Facebook, we would live our life in order to be able post things to Social Media? What if we did what we do in order to create our image online? What if there was an app to help you to enhance and create your virtual alter ego?

Luckily there is one now! I have designed a mobile application that helps you determining what kind of image you want to have online and after this gives you advice on your postings providing you with all kind of useful feedback. How you are doing, what you should improve and it gives you recommendations on which events to participate in (and of course share) and what status updates you should post.

I started out with regard to value and digital media and this slowly evolved towards this direction. What I tried to convey with this design is the fact that our lives are becoming more and more digital and I am wondering whether there ever will be a point on which our digital life is more important to us as humans than the real life and what kind of influence this would have on our personality.

I guess that one of the biggest influences would be the fact that you can actually make your personality more easily. It is far easier to pretend to be somebody you are not on the internet than it is in real life. Therefore I have incorporated this aspect as well.

This app is definitely a current possibilities and therefore not far-fetched. The main limitations to such an app is society. Since you still meet your friends in real life you cannot (or hardly) fake your personality. Therefore it is simply not effective.

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