Breastfeeding Today

Current issues with promoting breastfeeding:

– not enough paid maternity leave

– social stigma/harassment

– possibility of arrest

– constant need therefore very tiring for mother

– baby should be breastfeed until 6 months old but that doesn’t usually happen because its difficult to balance work and the baby’s need

So what does this mean for the future:

– rise in wet nurses (increased practice now and historical practice)

-rise in buying milk

– rise in regulation (negative towards breast feeding)

What I could do:

– create a future where wet nurses are more acceptable and map out their career

– create a future where wet nurses and buying milk is common place and focus on what supports those systems (food, products, etc)

– create a future where buying milk is typical and done in store

Collaboratively Creating a Speculative Game about Learning

Some questions that we are exploring:
Is the student a pawn in the game of learning?
When do stakeholders have the student’s interest in mind?
When do other forces/motivations cause them to make decisions that do not support student learning?
When do learners feel empowered?
What is the ideal learning experience? The ideal student? The ideal setting? The ideal tools? The ideal support structure?
How does our vision of the future interact with these ideals?
What do our ideals reveal about the limits of our own experience and our biases?
How do we get people to think concretely and provocative?
How can we engage a group in the larger conversation about learning through game design (prototyping, playtesting, critiquing)?
How can we create a game that itself includes elements of game design, and thus embodies the conversation?

We are planning three workshops:
1. Data and Artifact Generation: Conversation and Collaborative Art-Making about the learning experiences of the past, present and future.
2. Rapid Game Prototyping: Employing concepts from theatre, creating compositions of game mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics.
3. Playtesting the Game: playtesting the resulting game and debriefing the game and the experience.

Workshop for Educational Speculative Games

Judy and I are trying to organize a workshop for this week as the first step to designing a speculative game around education. We would like to invite you all to participate. The only requirements are that you have experience being a student (which everyone has!) and that you are willing to donate two hours of your time sharing stories and doing crafts around educational topics.

We would like to find a time that will work well for everyone. If you would like to participate, please fill out our doodle poll ( by 1:30 Tuesday and we will find a time that works best for the most people. We know time is precious, so do not feel obligated to come if you cannot or are not interested. We are hoping this will be a fun time!
Jenny and Judy

Final Assignment

A future wheel:

IMG_3602 copy

Some links that I have been using as resources:–breast-milk-new-wonder-cure.html–mum/supply

Final Project

So I found this article in the NYT about how Breast Milk is now a commodity and I think it would be particularity intriguing to use it as a base for my final project.

Here is the link:

I think I would want to examine a future where breast milk becomes a more powerful commodity.

Some ideas I would want to explore in relation to the project:

-Women could get longer maternity leave if they agree to sell some of their breast milk

-Branding of breast milk from different ethnicities

– Selling breast milk in stores

– Breast milk being forced from women

– Providing breast milk as a career/job?

Final Assignment

I have decided to explore my doctoral research topic through this project and it would be a good opportunity to start working on exploring my thesis.

I am interested in future visions for frugal conditions. How could the visions for disruptve future be created? What are the alternatives where we can imagine ‘our collective future’ and not a sleek and shiny coroporate vision for the future.

Creativity happens at every level. People design and innovate in every possible living condition in the world. Design and Innovation have been colonized to the tunes of western domination. I want to imagine the decolonization of critical design and imagine a future vision for people in places like China, India, Phillipines…etc.

My inquiry is – What are the maker cultures that will affect our futures and what futures are possible by using existing innovation frameworks in resource lacking conditions ?

What it looks like when third world countries try to do speculative critical design ?

Do they follow the aestheticized highly crafted approach of creating speculating artifacts or do they create their own design language? what would it look like ? how can we potray that wthout being discriminating and how do we avoid further marginalizing them?

The Effects of Food Homogenization



Currently, food homogenization is a common problem . Certain plants are bred to grow faster and to grow more, causing a decrease in nutrients in the soil and a strong dependency on certain crops. Livestock is bred in close quarters, and swine flu, bird flu, mad cow’s disease, seems to pop up in the media regularly causing spurts of public outcry. What happens if the world is so affected by homogenization that all animals are sick and inedible? How do humans adapt to this, and where are they willing to go in order to have a sufficient source of protein?

Alt Family Expanded: More More Weirder

My idea for an alternative family scenario building game got a lot of great feedback.

Do you want to use different colors for mother and father node? It could help in determine whether in a three parent situation there are two mothers and a father or two fathers and a mother.

Why didn’t you turn the entire concept of family on its head? Remove the titles of mother, father, brother, and sister, and start to explore what a family looks like when a sisbro and a momdad live with their googoos on alternate weekends.

I love the idea of more complex and unrealistic graphs. Relationships that would never work in real life but that can be experimented with. Also I think it would be interesting to consider dynamic roles.

I also did not get to build it out as far as I would have liked. For my final project I want to take into consideration the feedback and then also set up an alternative Families workshop where we spend an hour playing this game and talking about why it’s important to consider what families could look like in the future.

Assignment 3

For assignment 3, I would still like to work with something with education. It might be interesting to expand what I have done for the second assignment. Although if someone would be interested in doing something with education, I would be open to the types of format for the project. I have not given it too much thought yet about exactly what I want the end goal to be for the project.

Project 3 thoughts: DF Selfie

I have few ideas. They all have to do with embedding illustrations of speculated futures in real life. I am planning to create rich illustrations of speculative futures. These will be scenes, landscapes + not so complicated special effects. My aim is to let the user experience the existence of the future in the present. Extending the same thought, I am also planning to include the user in the speculated illustration of the future.

I am inclining towards creating the following:

Speculated Selfie from the future
This will an installation in a space. The background will be of consistent color ( so that it’s easy to remove it with less processing time). The user will be asked to take a selfie against this background using a custom app. The phone application will keep the face and body contour of the user intact and remove the background to replace it with a speculated future. The set of illustrations will be pre-created and used by the app. The app can have the functionality to pick the future scenario, if the user doesn’t make any choice, the app will pick one at random.

I want to play around with the idea of taking selfie because it’s part of pop culture, social habit and modern psych. People can take selfies for variety of reasons- insecurities, keeping memories, as a performance. I want design fiction to meet the ritual of taking selfie. I am curious how people would react when their present is augmented with a fictional future using ‘selfie taking’ as a medium.

I would be thrilled to collaborate with you if you know how to create surreal futuristic graphic with little special effects.

Challenge in creating a successful project would be to capture the real emotion of the future and add audiovisual elements to make the selfie richer.

Selfiecity :