Talk, Don’t Type

I have not seen Her yet, making it difficult to comment on points made in how technology is made to “recede and become more people-centric.”

It seems that the movie focuses on a near future in which technology does not become a prominent feature of every aspect of our lives, rather coexists seamlessly in a non obtrusive manner.

Vanhemert mentions cell phones of the future, and how the intention need not be our current obsession for smaller, thinner, attention seeking objects, but rather something that holds value to the user. I am interested to see the interaction of the booklet product, in becoming a comfortable form that warrants, instead of demanding attention.

I especially am interested in the vocal interaction with technology. Indeed this is cinematically preferable, but also seems much more intuitive than a large arm gesture of reaching out and touching a screen. The arm’s strenuous actions are unnatural, and do not entice me as a desirable future. Functions such as SIRI have already worked toward voice recognition use, which eliminates a series of tedious interactions for the user.

Going back to the phone concept, it seems, perhaps, this same conversational aspect could also hold for our portable devices. I find texting and scrolling through information on my small iphone screen to be tedious and aggravating. If there were a means to eliminate such attention and time thieving interactions, portable technology would increase ten-fold.


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