Simple is Better.

Her is about relationships and human nature. I really like how they do not put the technology right into your face. With no knowledge of what technology will really look like in the future it is nice not to be distracted by the false projection of sci-fi. This was a big struggle that my group last semester had when we were trying to capture our concept in a video. We were afraid of over styling the product and distracting the viewer from the underlying concept and idea. I really like the reflection Barrett had when researching past attempts of predicting technology, “But often times, it’s just because they over-thought it. The future is much simpler than you think.” There are some cases where it is good to over exaggerate and over design future technology, possible when that excitement is needed. However, in critical design when people should be focused on the concept, the glitz should be dulled down so people’s focus are placed in the right direction. In design schooling, designers are taught to make simple human-centered designs, why is that concept warped when thought of from a futuristic perspective?

In regards to Theo’s phone in the movie, I found the design of that to be poor. I understand the concept of removing the need of “sophistication” in technological object, however I think that the gap between the intelligent technology and Theo’s art deco phone design to be too large.

First time I watched this movie I didn’t realize that there were no keyboards, and I had to double check and see if there were. Keyboards have played such a large part in documentation and technology interaction; I just assumed that it was there. It is interesting that they are removed in the move, and it does make a lot of sense when you consider how unnatural the process of typing is. The one thing that I have to question is the way an office would be structured if audio was used to document. Having everyone talk to their computers force people to start blocking out their environment. This is very apparent; Theo gets very unattached from his surroundings. That was one of the problems that my group played with when we were designing an audio based interaction.

I always get concerned with the humanization of AI, it is odd that a computer will try to analyze and mimic what humans do naturally. And I am curious if it can be mimicked in a way where humans will interact with it in the way that Theo displays in Her.


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