My Place

Drafting some specs, scenarios and questions for assignment #2.

Design features of (the poorly titled) “My Place:”

  • Allows individuals to tag media to a specific location in a physical space, for example, a booth at a diner.
  • Media tags might be short or long form writing, video, images or audio.
  • There is no physical tag (like a QR code) left in the physical space.
  • Tags may be anonymous or could have a user publicly attached to them.
  • When viewing the space through an augmented reality mobile device, you can view all of the tags in a location. Tags appear like stickers on the surface of the material world, inspired by the graffiti method of writing your tag on a “Hello My Name Is” sticker and tagging public walls.
  • You can filter the “tag view” to see, for example, only the tags of your friends, or historical information tags, or tags posted before a certain date, or tags of a particular author.
  • You can also curate multiple ways of looking at the world. For example, perhaps you have a worldview where you collect love stories from all of the places you visit, or you can create conversations between disparate pieces of media located in the same space, or you could track harassing media. Or perhaps you author a book or film by creating new tags in physical spaces.
  • An individual user can choose whether or not to publish the worldview and whether or not to make the worldview editable.

Scenarios for exploration:

  • What if stories are told in multiple spaces? What would fan interaction be like in a physical space? Would it bring in business for the locations? Would it exploit or overburden the resources of a community? Spoilers?
  • How does this affect turf wars–gang wars, certainly, but also commercial and cultural ones? How does the turf war play out in physical space? What impact does this have on the community?
  • Who is using the activity and location tracking information? Can commercial entities buy add space in the location? Can banks monitor the viability of a local business? Can police and government agencies track fringe or criminal behavior?
  • On a person-person level, how easy is stalking? Could you manufacture a relationship based on the tags without ever meeting the person?
  • When someone dies or a relationship ends, does this artificially extend the relationship if you could call up a video of the person and layer that over the material world?
  • Could this provide a deeper understanding of a locations rich history? How much noise is too much noise?

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