Hybrid Intimacy

I thought the article was a good read. I particularly liked the part where he refers to the technology in the Her world as glass, where it is invisible and yet visible. Unlike Her, most futuristic films are films where gadgets “scream their sophistication.” And that is what makes Her a unique film that set in the future, that does not gear toward the typical sci-fi gadget centered  laser-gun action, but rather is a film about our relationships with technology in the future. To a subtle degree, I disagree with Venhemert on his point that the Her world is a place where technology has receded. Receded in the sense that yes there aren’t flashing build-boards and Bugatti looking self-driving cars, but it has not receded in the sense that people have embraced technology as something as necessary as air, and a legitimate component in their intimacy. It has become seamless to the point where intimacy, love, and connectivity is accepted through technological means regardless of whether a human is a receiver or participant on the other end. I found this quite fascinating and beautiful about the film; the embrace to a point where a person values technological experience as real as they chose to feel. Like Theo, having a relationship with his OS, it was incredibly real to him. And at the end when the two part, he grew from his very relationship due to the value that he gave it, making it as real as any other. So essentially, this is the opposite of receding technology, but in fact is a integration of technology to a quite wonderfully extreme degree.

Another point I wanted to make is that overall, these sort of hybrid tech/human relationships are frequent in the film. Examples like the computer-aided letters Theo writes, the sex-talk computer voice, and the OS/human/human three way, are all examples of hybrid interactions where there is humanness and tech fused into one new experience/interaction. And so when Venhemert says all these technologies are becoming more human, while I agree with that mostly, there is also a little part of this future that embraces technology as not human at all. For example, in the three-way, the external human woman involved, wanted to act and perform like a vessel for this technological love. This is physically impossible with a person but possible with technology, and this ability is something that excited this human woman. This is an example where I feel technology is embraced for being technology, and using that very fact, is used to create innovate and new experiences for people. Fascinatingly, I think that there will be a whole schlep of new hybrid interactions that open up an entirely new category of intimacy.


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