Her: Afterthoughts

1.Machines will be able to feel more evolved emotions and feelings than humans. Will artificial agents be capable of selfless love? The way machines feel can be completely different than humans. Can machines come up with complete new paradigm for emotions?

2.No matter how much we advance in terms of technology, our decisions and the world will still be driven by how we feel, for most part.

3.We will grow more connected to the world due to technology but will be in great dearth of intimacy at the same time.

4. We will try and fill this gap of intimacy by using more technology. In this world, can we become more attached to technology than real life? (It has begun to happen already). It will increasingly become difficult to get hold of reality in this world.

5. Tipping point of social acceptance: It is considered completely natural to be lost in your phone on a subway. Will people lost in virtuality considered normal in future? Social acceptance is governed by numbers.

6. I like the fact that movie does not cater to utopia or dystopia. It just exists. It talks about just another day of next door person. It’s subtle and manages to capture things that matter.

7. My question is, would you call ‘Her’ a science fiction? It does not contain flashy props from future which are shown off by the cast and characters in movie. The heart of the movie is dialogue about human relations and intimacy in near future, can we call this one a sci fi?


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