Where to go?

To pick up from where I left my last blogpost.

The underlying question in this all is “how can we ensure personal value in digital media.” I am planning to explore this question in the very near future. A maximum of 10 years in the future. Next to this I am planning making it an utopian view, this forces me to propose a solution next to a critical look at our current society.”

As of yet I have not really a clue where to take this to, I have decided to narrow down on Social Media. Something that was really inspiring and made me think in today’s readings was the sentence “But often times, it’s just because they over-thought it. The future is much simpler than you think.”  I think this will also be the case with Social Media.

Designing a new social media system, more integrated with our life and less obvious (more “Her” style according to the wired article) seems like the correct way to go. Yet how to communicate this design is the most important question? After last Tuesday readings I feel something for diegetic prototypes, yet my movie making abilities are very low and I do not whether this is the direction to go.


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