Why videos of future vision fail us ?

Although it has been discussed with a critical mindset in the paper Video Visions of the Future: A Critical Review, I feel that they are many more ways why these visions are unrealistic.

If we were to go back in time and try to do the same exercise for someone living in the 1920’s imagining the future….the much anticipated hasn’t happened . Like in this video..where there are predictions about the future (for AD 2000).

A lot they have anticipated hasn’t happened entirely..some assumptions are outrageously funny like women would have a lamp in hairdo to find the right man who would be laced with fanny packs to hold coins and candies …..duh

Nothing hasn’t changed yet…Austin Powers should have expected to co-exist with robots but even we are not close to that yet.

In Tobias Revell’s lecture that we read for ta previous class, he has mentioned how humongous world events haven’t affected Microsoft’s vision of the future. They still pretty much look the same. It is indeed a normative vision of the future where there is a more politics of anticipation about the future we want than actually taking into account what world would we be living in and how the politics as exercise of power would affect it.

What if many people in the progressive global north decide to the end the disparities that are present in the global south and try to even out the planet. Would future visioning have that mode of imaging a world where we all  just say no to mindless technological progress and try to look in the past for answers. How would those future visions be like ?

Can we imagine an exercise in unshocking the future as Scott Smith says and create prototypes for a more sensible future ?


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