The future is apparently transparent

1.)  Regarding the Kinsley piece, in my opinion the author made quite a few obvious observations in regards to videos corporations release displaying potential futures using their possible technologies.  I agree with what is stated (though in a less protracted, succinct manner), as I found nothing particularly groundbreaking in what was presented.  On a side-note though, one thing I do wonder is why these videos continuously show interfaces displayed on glass, or transparent surfaces.  It seem like in order to quickly represent that this is the future, the creator of the video must in some way show a transparent o/s as a sort of bechdel test for future technologies.  It’s not just these videos either, rather it’s present in various forms of entertainment from TV shows like Parks and Rec to the all too familiar movies like Minority Report.  I personally am not interested in a future with clear devices, as that seems like a nightmare for legibility and focus.

2.) In the David Kirby piece, there is discussion about the films The lawnmower man and Minority report as two films which display future technologies at the forefront.  I find it interesting that both of these films are based on short stories, both of which are heavily abstracted and much different from their source material.  Both use their source as merely a jumping off point, as a way to build an entire future world around a short narrative, and in many ways making the world one of the key protagonists of the film.  Creating the entire gestural interface for the interactions performed by the title character further add to the believability of latter.

Regarding the discussion of the film Destination Moon, Kirby speaks about the ability for a film to educate the general public about technologies, in this case space travel.  I was unaware of this film, or the usage of the Woody the Woodpecker cartoon which I found to be particularity ingenious method to do so.  A much more modern parallel would be the film Interstellar, which successfully was able to explain the concepts of relativity and their relation to gravity.  I found it fascinating to see individuals speaking about such a high-level concept as relativity in a day to day conversation due to that film.

Regarding the film Mission to Mars, in retrospect it seems very obvious that it was intended as diegetic prototype, because the movie itself: not so good.



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