The Future is Now

I found “The Future is Now: Diegetic Prototypes and the Role of Popular Films in Generating Real-world Technological Development” to be almost uplifting, even though I highly doubt that was the intention. After class last week when Cameron had implied that it was more important for the world to “waste their time” rather than invest in helping others, I felt a little disgusted with the world. However I have some faith restored after reading the role cinema plays in allowing for new medical practices to be adopted. I think people constantly forget the power that film has on people. It is a constant source of inspiration and references in our culture. Using it to introduce technology like pacemakers provides a larger benefit to society. It would be interesting to see if filmmakers could pair with other professionals to use this technique in other ways. What if you could use this method to teach people about cultural and racial empathy? Would it work or would we still have issues? Films are all about creating fiction, prototypes for that fiction, and the new vocabulary to go with it. Maybe by creating diegetic prototypes in films and a new vocabulary to go with it in films can lead to change and acceptance in other areas besides the medical field. It is also important to be sure that this method doesn’t manipulate the public in negative ways. However who is to judge that?


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