how can we ensure personal value in digital media?

With regarding with further thinking about the upcoming assignment, I proposed to look into the question “What will we show our grandchilderen?” This question is a response on the upcoming digital media, which seems to lack value of some kind. Whereas my grandparents showed  me physical photographs and letters about their youth and life, upcoming generations will (probably) with the current direction technology is heading in not have this opportunity.

The underlying question in this all is “how can we ensure personal value in digital media.” I am planning to explore this question in the very near future. A maximum of 10 years in the future. Next to this I am planning making it an utopian view, this forces me to propose a solution next to a critical look at our current society. A preferable result could be for instance a facebook 2.0.

These are some articles I want to take a look at as I think they will give me more insight in this, for me, quite new area.

Personal Inventories: Toward Durable Human-Product Relationships, Odom W., 2008
Personal Inventories in the Context of Sustainability and Interaction Design, Odom W., 2008
Placelessness, Spacelessness, and Formlessness: Experiential Qualities of Virtual Possessions, Odom W., Zimmerman J., Forlizzi J.


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