Learning Could Be Fun

I’d like to read more satire for classin general, not just for this design fiction course. This week’s readings of Dunne and Raby’s “Speculative Everything” and the Tonkinwise review were really bogging me down in analyses and argument deciphering. There is an obvious need for academia and the back-and-forth rebuttal it provokes, but I’m not going to say I enjoy reading what is produced from it. I would much rather be entertained, intellectually.

The irony-soaked “Design Fictions about Critical Design” from Tonkinwise makes engaging with critical design theory and practice easy to understand. The quick bits of stories, design fictions in themselves, allow a reader with just some knowledge of critical design to understand the pitfalls and annoyances that Tonkinwise cites of the practice. As part of a course reading assignment, the satire allows me to learn faster and enjoy more. Next to the traditionally dry papers, this style of communication is energizing. The entirety of this practice is aimed at engaging and provoking the public, so it should take some cues from it’s own discipline when publishing for purposes within its own community. Make learning, and advancing your discipline, fun.


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