DnR & The Cone

A few notes on a few topics touched on by the readings for 2/12:

1.) The Dunne and Raby reading at one point stated in relation to conceptual product design, “At least at a professional level, it is usually done by students, which although laudable means it can lack the depth and sophistication experienced designers would bring to it”.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about this statement, rather I’m curious as to why the statement needed to be made at all.  There is an assumption that an experienced designer can not be a student, which I don’t believe is fair.  Experience is also not a quality that can be quantified (as opposed to by years, which isn’t the same for each individual) so I’m not sure if that has much bearing on what they would consider a successful conceptual product.  A minor point, but once again, I found it a bit off putting and I’m not sure why it needs to be mentioned as it offers little to the writing.

2.) DnR acronym is awesome. Reminds me of GnR (Guns N’ Roses), and makes me believe that Dunne and Raby are rockstars.

3.) When discussing the cone of probability, possibility, etc. Tonkinwise suggests that different individuals have different cones, which I found to be quite interesting.  Depending upon where we’re located on the social ladder, the size and scope of the various cones can vary widely.  With the ever-expanding issue of social equality, and individual who makes minimum wage and has very little chance of truly experiencing “The American Dream” of social mobility has a drastically different cone.  It’s very likely that their preferable cone never overlaps with the possible cone, or if it does it’s every so slight.

I also wonder if regardless of social standing, it’s possible to have multiple preferable cones; Or if it’s even necessary to display to list it, since it’s possible for the cone to overlap all options.  I might find it preferable to be elected the president of the united states and successfully push my legislation which makes blister packs illegal.  Probably not going to happen, yet I still find it to be preferable.  And at that point, who decides what is preferable?



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