Speculating the Wrong Future

Something that I found interesting in “How We Intend to Future” was the provided breakdown of the assumptions that the author claims would need to be made to support Dunne and Raby’s argument made in their book. First, not having read the entirety of Speculative Everything, I am not sure how accurate the summary of why product design should be used. Assuming that these five points are an accurate summary, I think it is actually the assumptions that are being made that are interesting discussions. The five points as to why product design should be used seems to not give a lot of credit to society to think for themselves and assumes that there is only one trigger. Although Dunne and Raby say that it is important for the project to have people feel and for them to question in a thoughtful way, it seems like they do not trust people to be able to do this. Many of the assumptions that were addressed seemed to go to the fact of under selling the typical person. If it is really individuals that needs to make the change, then there needs to be trust in them that they can think critically and make these changes without someone guiding their steps. It almost seemed like the way that speculative design was being presented was that there is only one correct way to debate about and critique the future.


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